Save vs. Splurge

Joan Rivers once said that if you are buying jewelry you should buy bigger rather than better because the role of jewelry is to decorate and if you need a magnifying glass to see the difference then who cares? Or something like that. I just saw an article by a designer in Los Angeles going on and [...]

Friday Finds

This Friday is the opening reception of three exceptional Wilmington artists:  Fritzi Huber, Michelle Connolly and Elizabeth Darrow.  See them tonight at ACME Art Studios, 711 N. 5th Avenue.


I am just, well, overwhelmed with my trip to Charleston this weekend (editors be damned! I am not gonna put SC here ’cause if ya’ll don’t know where I’m talkin’ about then ya’ll are probably already wearing white below the waist, bless your heart). The homes we got to visit were like something Margaret Mitchell [...]

Drapes is a verb!

Wow! A blank sheet of paper and I can say whatever I like? Well…… What should I do with this room? I probably get this question asked me every day. My friends, my family, hell even my dentist! Complete strangers have tried to describe their decorating issues to me. I wish I had an easy [...]