Drapes is a verb!

Wow! A blank sheet of paper and I can say whatever I like? Well……

What should I do with this room? I probably get this question asked me every day. My friends, my family, hell even my dentist! Complete strangers have tried to describe their decorating issues to me.

I wish I had an easy answer for the question. After a decade doing this (how can it be that long? Ugh.) I am still not sure. I have tried humor (peach walls? I can send over a bulldozer, popcorn ceiling? You bought the wrong house. You should just move); avoidance (I will be in touch — right after I move to Brazil, assume an alias and start my dream life as a professional gadabout(no, I am not sure what that is, bit I like the word)); change the subject (what color wood floors should I use? Does this rash on my hand look contagious).

Most often people know the answer already. Don’t you know how you want to feel when you get home? There it is. Simple and complicated. Obvious and elusive. That is where I make my living. Sorting these things.

I decided to do this blog because:
1. I love what I do. It is very hard work (client’s usual don’t see the mountains of boxes I climb to get the perfect picture frame next to the guest room bed), but changing someone’s home changes their life and lifts them up. I am humbled that I get to be part of something so intimate for people.
2. What I do isn’t that much of a mystery believe me! Any monkey can do this! I know that much of what I do is just letting go your fear and going for it.
3. I CAN SAY WHATEVER I WANT!!!! With this blog I can point out the stupid things people do! I love that part!

This will be fun (this isn’t heart surgery), this will be light hearted (this isn’t breaking rocks) and it will be irreverent (the word drapes IS a verb after all). The only thing I know for sure about home decorating is that it should be a good time. I am looking forward to this!


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