Save vs. Splurge

Joan Rivers once said that if you are buying jewelry you should buy bigger rather than better because the role of jewelry is to decorate and if you need a magnifying glass to see the difference then who cares?

Or something like that.

I just saw an article by a designer in Los Angeles going on and on about the backstory of a mirror for some celebrity client and how expensive it is.  All I could think was:  Damn, it looks just like JCPenney (love them, by the way, for sticking with Ellen).  It was beautiful and all, but who cares?  A mirror should reflect light and images and should add decoration to the room.  Why does the average person need to know that the mirror is made from sea urchin skin or blah, blah, blah?  Most people just want it to look pretty.

My point is that there are places in your home where you should splurge (Art, mattresses, casegoods) and places you should save (accents).  As a personal rule if you don’t want to look at something for more than a year then save.  If you love it and want a long-term relationship with it then by all means hon, buy it.  If you want it to last a while, spend the money.  If you realize it will have a short life with you, save the money.

Of course everyone has different ideas of what is important to them and ya’ll know I don’t judge (I, ahem, assess).  Short story — don’t waste money on things that are just decoration!  Buy the most beautiful things you want.  While others are looking for the price tag you can be off enjoying life!

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